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CSS Services

Our services are 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our qualified Health Care Professionals can support with the following:

Domiciliary Care also known as home care provides the extra support you need to continue living your life the way you want to in the comfort of your own home.

At cornerstone staffing solutions, we build a robust and consistent care packages that are tailored to individual needs rather than about 'tasks'. We provide services on the following basis;

  • Routine visits once to four times daily, half an hour to an hour duration.
  • Overnight stay.
  • Live in care service/ 24hour service.
  • Flexible service as the needs of client develops.
  • Our domiciliary care offers the following services;

  • Assistance with personal hygiene- Toileting, getting dressed and undressed.
  • Assistance with meals-cooked in client own home.
  • Domestic help- Housework, shopping, pension collection, Laundry.
  • Administration of prescribed medications and Socialisation Support
  • Benefits of our Domiciliary Care Service;

  • Care packages and carers are individually matched.
  • You Keep your independence while still receiving care.
  • Care starts from just 30 minutes.
  • Cost effective to suit your budget.
  • All our carers are enhanced DBS checked for your security.
  • Companionship at your convenience.
  • All our carers are well trained and given necessary supports needed to fulfil their caring role. A Service user guide containing useful information and contact details is produced and will be left in your home for your future reference and you can contact us at any time during office hours.

    At CSS, we understand how to care and support someone with learning disabilities and as well as supporting their families. Our specialist learning disabilities services provide the highest quality care and supports at home and in the community for people with mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities.

    The aim of this care is to encourage maximum independence, improve communication, life skills and to help you achieve your personal goals. We develop your personalised care plan with you so you can receive your care in the community where you live. We focus on your unique strengths and abilities.

    We offer Day-time care, night-time care, live-in care and respite care. Get in touch with our team today on 01865481420 for more information about Learning disabilities care.

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    A dedicated carer providing care to a client in the comfort of your own home and helps you maintain independence choice and dignity. This enables you to receive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    This is an alternative to care home at a time when the risks of cross transmission within care and nursing homes are becoming a great concern.

    At Cornerstone care and Staffing solutions, we provide the right live-in carer who is able to provide you with the round-the-clock supports and companionship that you require.

    Benefits of our Live-in care services:

  • An alternative to nursing home, care home or receiving multiple visits from home care assistants.
  • Allows you to remain in your own homes with own possessions and pets.
  • You continue to enjoy your favourites meal and maintain the ability to meet friends.
  • Gives you the extra help that you need when you need it.
  • Contact us today at Cornerstone care and staffing solutions on 01865481420 or [email protected]

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    We offer a wide range of domestic support services within your home to allow you to continue enjoying your independence, ease the pressure from household chores and keep you and your loved one's home clean and tidy. This support is completely flexible to your own needs and preferences.

    Our professional staff have been trained to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness to ensure our clients wellbeing and good health is maintained. We're more than happy to help with the following:

  • Food and drink preparation
  • Food shopping
  • Cleaning and tidying up
  • Washing up
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Vacuuming
  • Other light household duties
  • We know there are many other things we could help with, so just ask!

    At Cornerstone staffing Solution (CSS),we are specialized in providing high quality complex care in the home to support adults and children with complex health care needs : autistic spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, traumatic and acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, neurological conditions including muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis, locked- in syndrome, tracheostomy care and airway management, long -term ventilation including invasive and non -invasive. Our clinical nurse lead visits each new client to create a care package and ensure personalised care plans are put in place which fully meet the needs of our clients. Our complex care specialist team are nurses with a critical care background with intensive training which include tracheostomy care, tracheostomy changes, tracheal suction, ambu-bagging, chest percussion and administration of oxygen therapy. They provide hands-on clinical training to other members of our care teams and are responsible for signing others as competence. We ensure that care is tailored to the client's specific needs to manage their condition and maintain the lifestyle they choose. We carry out a full clinical assessment of client's needs and risk assessment which enable us to understand the client needs and to deliver a healthcare package designed to support a maximum independence and quality of life.
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